4568 Sunset Bay Rental Agreement

This Vacation Rental Agreement is being entered into by the guests (“Guest”) who booked directly with Melissa Powers Houseknecht & Kristen Powers (“Homeowner”) or via the Homeowners’ website www.havenonseneca.com

1. Property. The property located at 4568 Sunset Bay, Geneva, NY 14456 is furnished, and includes 2 refrigerators, 2 ovens, 1 stovetop, 1 dishwasher, 1 coffee maker, 1 toaster, 1 microwave, 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 1 indoor fireplace, 1 TV with Roku, Wifi, 1 washing machine, 1 dryer, 1 outdoor hot tub, 1 outdoor fire pit, 1 canoe and 1 kayak (with lifejackets). The property also includes dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, all towels & bed linens, full kitchenware & basic cooking needs (pots, pans, etc.), as well as coffee. 

2. Term of Lease. This lease begins on the agreed upon check-in date (at 3pm) and check-out date (at 10am).

3. Payment. Guest shall pay 100% of the cost of stay, security deposit, and fees upon booking.. 

4. Security Deposit. Homeowner will charge a $500 security deposit upon booking that will be refunded within 7 days of Guest’s check out date assuming no damages or incidental charges are necessary. Homeowner will provide details of charges in case any of the $500 security deposit will not be refunded. 
5. Cleaning Fee.  Guest will be charged a $200 cleaning fee upon booking.
6. Local Occupancy Tax. To comply with local tax laws, a 3% charge will be applied at the time of booking (on top of the cost of stay  + cleaning fee, not including security deposit).
7. Cancellation Policy. Should Guest cancel his or her reservation, in writing, more than 42 days (6 weeks) prior to the Check-in Date, one hundred percent (100%) will be refunded. Should Guest cancel 42 days or less but more than 14 days prior to his or her reservation, 50% will be refunded. Should Guest cancel 14 days or fewer prior to his or her reservation, 0% will be refunded. 100% of the security deposit will be refunded for all cancellations. 

8. Duties of the Parties.

8.1 Condition of Property; . 1. Fireplace – flue should be open but please light newspaper and stuff upwards to create a draft beforelighting a fire (will ensure that smoke goes up and not into the house). Very important to double checkthat flue is open – please ONLY use our fireplace if you have experience with indoor fireplaces.a. Firewood can be purchased at Wegmans, Lowes, or along some country roads.b. Fire extinguisher is in the pantry next to the small sink.2. Fire pit – fire pit is available for patio use only (the pit should never be placed on the upper deck)3. Outdoor grill – propane is provided, please cover when not in use. The propane can be turned on using the blue toggle along the fence to the right of the grill (not at the tank itself). Parallel position to the line is ON, perpendicular position is OFF. Make sure to turn off the propane after use – this is veryimportant as you could drain our whole tank if left open.4. Kayak/Canoe – life jackets are in outdoor bins; please do not leave oars or kayaks on the beach duringyour stay – if the tide comes in these will float out into the lake! **Use extreme caution on the lake, weare not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while out on the water**5. Hot tub – please pour a capful of Enhanced Shock treatment into the tub after each use.6. Laundry – feel free to use the washer/dryer; detergent is in the lower cupboard in the pantry.7. Coffee – regular/decaf coffee and filters are provided 8. Wifi –  Wifi is available throughout the entire house; the network is called “sunsetbay+” and the password is “sunsetbay”.
9. TV – The property does not have cable, however a Roku is hooked up to the TV and works with wifi.  Check Out Procedures 1. Please load and start dishwasher by 9am – all other dishes should be put back in cupboards.2. Garbage/Recyclinga. Trash bags are under the sink – please leave all bagged trash in the large bins near the shed. Trash pickup is Tuesday.b. Recyclables must be bagged and placed in the blue bins on the porch.3. Please remove all beverages and perishable items from refrigerator – feel free to leave condiments and dressings in the door of the red refrigerator. An additional fee of $50 will be charged for disposal of any additional items left in refrigerators.4. Please leave all soiled towels on the floor of the showers or in the washing machine – please do NOT start a load of wash. Linens can be left on the beds for the housekeeper.5. Please turn all thermostats down to 52 degrees – there is one in every room and in the hallway.6. Please make sure the umbrella is down and securely tied.7. Please put all outdoor furniture, kayaks, life jackets, and oars back where you found them.8. Please cover grill, and make sure the blue toggle is in the perpendicular (OFF) position.
8.2  Repair of Property. Homeowner may enter the premises at all reasonable times in order to inspect the property or make repairs.
8.3  Smoking. Guest understands that the rental unit is a non-smoking unit, absolutely no smoking inside or within 20 feet of the property. 
8.4  Pets. Pets are not allowed unless prior permission from Homeowner has been granted. Only hypoallergenic pets are permissible.
8.5  Extra Guests. Permission by Homeowner is required / a per person fee will be charged for up to 2 extra guests to stay at the property. Please contact Homeowner to discuss fees if interested in bringing extra guests. 
8.6  Neighborhood. The neighbors are very attentive and helpful and always keep an eye on the property; please be respectful to them and keep the noise level down especially after 10pm as noise carries. 
8.7 Lost and Stolen Items. Homeowner is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
8.8 Incidental Charges and Damages. Guest will be charged a $500 security deposit upon booking; Guest will be refunded within 7 days of their check-out date if no damages are found.  Homeowner shall provide Guest with details of charges in case any of the $500 security deposit will not be refunded. In  case of extreme property damage caused by Guest (in which cost of repair is >$500), Homeowner will contact Guest to arrange additional charges. 

9. Governing Law. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York. Each of the parties irrevocably consents to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in New York, as applicable, for any matter arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

10. Indemnification. Guest agrees to indemnify and hold Homeowner harmless from any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by Guest or parties invited onto the property by Guest.

11. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements concerning this subject matter. Upon securing your booking with Homeowner directly and/or via our website you have consented to this Agreement.