Welcome to Haven on Seneca!

Looking for a place to stay at/near Seneca Lake NY? So were we!

We are Melissa & Kristen Powers, sisters who grew up in Rochester, NY and went to college at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. After college, we both moved to New York City, yet found ourselves making trips back to the Finger Lakes region at every chance we got. When we realized how in love with this area we were, and how few people have been lucky enough to experience it for themselves, we decided to do something a little more permanent!

We bought this house together in 2016 and have been offering up our Haven on Seneca to guests ever since. Our goal? To make the experience for guests just as wonderful as it has been for us to enjoy with our own family and friends. We love having guests who are long time Finger Lakes fans just as much as we love those who are new to the area. We take pride in what it has to offer and would love you to experience it through our home!